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Modern companies hire me to figure out their JavaScript architecture, development effort, provide technical strategy on domain-specific scenarios, and to act on new ideas to evolve their team to the next frontier. I work side by side with the development team and work with leadership to ensure key performance indicators are met and risk is managed to meet deadlines.

Remote Code Reviews

I provide customized reports that identifies levels of technical debt, maintainability, ability to scale, and suggestions to improve time-to-market. Your company provides me access to the codebase and you receive your review and a video conference call outlining the items. All for a fixed cost.

Training and Workshops

I work with agencies and product companies to help modernize their workflow. Often times teams are too busy to maintain their career training. I provide everything you need to know within a week (a few hours a day). Material will be in the form of customized content, code samples, verbal lectures, and Q&As.

I've worked with dozens of companies such as:

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Just Enough Software Architecture: A Risk-Driven Approach

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