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I'm a passionate technologist who wants to help other engineers and engineering teams reach an equilibrium in research, value, and execution. My tools evolve constantly but I generally work with Node, LoopBack, Hapi, React, Redux, Angular, RxJS, Postgres, Mongo, and AWS. I have a long list of other technologies that I work with on StackOverflow, or you can ask me directly. Some of the top integrations I work with are Adobe Experience Manager, SAP, Salesforce, Mail services (Railgun, Mandrill), Stripe, Authorize.net, and Sitecore. I can learn any custom integration point or learn any product you want to integrate with.

I've built client insurance exchange systems, scalable SOAs, custom secure workflows, performant mobile web apps, and helped teams hit tough delivery dates.  On top meeting requirements for each contract, I've improved automation, developer and process efficiency, culture improvements, and provided roadmap strategy so companies are well position in the long run.

Architecture, Development, Advisor

If you have an efficiency problem, a deadline problem, a knowledge problem, or a problem you don't know exists yet, you need an expert!  Contact me directly and we can figure out if there's an opportunity to be discovered. I'm well verse in several domains so you can talk freely. Several individuals who contact me walk away from our first meeting with more insight than they had previously.

My proficiency revolves around several architectures including services oriented (SOA), monolithic, and micro services oriented over REST. I'm well verse in agile and waterfall. I usually work closely with product owners, developers, UX, and the leadership team.

When we talk, ask about my prior engagements, case studies, or anything else. I have a Reddit-like AMA policy! You can even ask me how to solve your architectural problems right on the call. I've worked directly with CTOs, VPs, Directors of Technology, software managers, and other consultants.

What's the process?

  1. Discuss architecture, development, or leadership opportunities that the company is in demand for.
  2. Agree on availability, start and end date, travel, hourly rate, work acceptance criteria, and invoice net terms
  3. The company will provide their master service agreement and/or work statement. I will supplement any documents if needed. I will be issuing an invoice every month itemizing all the time I worked.
  4. I integrate within your environment on Day 1 and we get to work!
Let's discuss the opportunities

Remote Code Review

Companies want a health snapshot of their codebase. Developers are sometimes too busy working on features or deadlines to focus on a comprehensive codebase-wide analysis and solutions. Or technical leadership may want an expert opinion on the state to solve an immediate problem such as maintainability, feature time-to-market, and performance.

Now is a perfect opportunity to obtain a customized code-review reportso you can focus on your next major version, with clear and complete goals on top of your requirements.

How do we get started?

  1. I will work with you in identifying areas of concern and ask for other interest segments.
  2. The company will authorized access to me (GIT and any other agreed access points).
  3. I will audit and review the code, solution, and other agreed areas. Then I will provide a detailed customized report outlining the issues, providing examples, and at least 2 solutions for each issue that are compatible with your company.
  4. The company and myself will have a 90 minute video conference to discuss the report.
  5. I will send the company a fixed-rate invoice upon completion of work.
Get a code review

Company Workshops and Training

Lets work together if you need one-on-one mentorship, team training (centralized or distributed), or want me to host a meetup for you as the lead speaker. I've helped train individuals in all kinds of specific libraries like React and Hapi, architecture and design patterns, or company specific tangible skillsets that complement their technical goals.

Suggested topics: Modernizing front-end, multi-language SOAs, code efficiencies, using devtools, devops, architecture, or a specific technology (Hapi, React, Angular, AWS, etc...).I'm flexible with any duration type of engagement (a couple hours, per day, for a week; whole days, half days). All material is authorized before actual training commences, I can also integrate domain specific content to increase company relevancy.

The approach

  1. I will work with the company's technical leadership to determine where they want to be post-training.
  2. Collect and analyze data on the current state for development, employee knowledge, and architecture.
  3. I will create a detailed curriculum that works with the company's team availability and goals and solidify an agreement.
  4. Agree on a fixed-cost estimate, statement of work, start and end time, and invoice net terms.
  5. Start the process agreed on step 3 and get to work!
Let's talk about training

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